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From Ann Kjellberg, editor

Could you do me the favor of signing up in the box above for news of my new project?

I am developing a new kind of book review, engaging our most fun, absorbing, informed writers to write straight to readers about books they love and books they think you should be reading.

The purpose is twofold:

  • to transcend the ideological barriers that divide us with straight, informed talk;

  • to outflank the threats to traditional media—targeted advertising, social networks and their algorithms, monopolized distribution—and bring great writing straight to you.

When I began my career, you could read about books in your local paper, in reviews written for you and your neighbors. I want to revive a common language around culture and ideas.

I’d be grateful if you would share this link with friends who are readers, or potential readers, or people working to make books and get them noticed.

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Ann Kjellberg

Ann Kjellberg worked for more than twenty-five years on the editorial staff of The New York Review of Books and founded the literary magazine Little Star.

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