Our project has a name! “Book Post”

From Ann Kjellberg, editor

Some of you will remember Book Post as a raggedy means for getting a book in the mail—I like how “post” is both a very old and a very new way of communicating. Our postal logo is by St. Petersburg artist Olga Florenskaya. (Olga, as it happens, has a whole postal subspecialty, but I digress.)

Book Post is a bite-sized newsletter-based book review delivery service, sending high-quality book reviews, by distinguished and engaging writers, direct to your inbox.

Soon we’ll begin rolling out examples of the sort of pieces that we’ll have on offer when we begin in earnest in a month or so, for example:

  • Padgett Powell on William Trevor

  • In the garden with Jamaica Kincaid

  • Ian Frazier: Notebook

  • Christian Caryl on the Russian mafia

  • Patricia Storace: Roast chicken of legend

When Book Post is full swing, we will have two weekly paid-subscription book reviews and one little bookish reflection available to everyone. We are an ad-free, no-algorithm, no-data-mining, direct-to-reader service; we charge you so we can pay our writers. Our pieces mean to speak across America about the pleasures of reading. Each month we link to a different partner independent bookshop. We begin during our launch period with The Ivy in Baltimore.

We hope you’ll like what you see and will want to subscribe!
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