Notebook: July 5, 2018

by Ann Kjellberg, Book Post Editor  Welcome, Book Post readers!  Thank you so much for signing up! We’ve been lining our ducks up here at Book Post and are just about ready to send them waddling out, with two short + sweet weekly book reviews and another tidbit, a reflection from one of our writers or an update like this from your humble editor—a  bouquet of news to delight, divert, and inform from the worlds of books and writers. Our hope is to provide a bit of mobile sustenance to that weary figure, the American general reader, as you make your way through your day, wherever you may lurk, and bring us all together for a moment around stuff we can all appreciate. We’ve so far featured reviews by novelists Padgett Powell and Anakana Schofield, of Florida and Vancouver respectively, and in the pipeline we have Christian Caryl on the Russian mob, Ingrid Rowland on Renaissance feminists, Michael Robbins on Allen Ginsberg, and much more!

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