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César Aira

On the occasion of his birthday, novelist César Aira makes a plan

David Alff

On Parking (by Henry Grabar)

On Quarantine (by Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley)

Natalie Angier

On Eugenia Cheng

On Isabella Tree’s Wilding

Noga Arikha

Stories and Neurology

Calvin Baker

On David Blight’s Frederick Douglass

Music and Liberation

John Balaban

On the Tale of Kieu

John Banville

On Robert Macfarlane's Underland

On Jonathan Meiburg's “A Most Remarkable Creature”

Jazmina Barrera

Readers, Writers, Mothers

Polina Barskova

On Varlam Shalamov

Madison Smartt Bell

On Rumer Godden

On George Garrett

Yevgenia Belorusets

The Stars

Christopher Benfey

On Mark Doty’s Whitman

Election Day

On Hunting in America (by Philip Dray)

On Learning Remotely

On the Radical Transcendentalists (by Robert A. Gross)

On Austrian storyteller Adalbert Stifter

April Bernard

On Angela Carter

Catastrophe and Poetry

On “Dreyer‘s English”

On Elizabeth Hardwick

On Janet Malcolm

On Hilary Mantel

A Reader's Hygge

Emily Bernard

On Saidiya Hartman’s ”Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments”

On Imani Perry's Lorraine Hansberry

Wendell Berry

The Writer Going Home

Reginald Dwayne Betts

Letter to Yusef Komunyakaa

Matthew Bevis

On Elizabeth Bishop

On Charles Lamb

Sven Birkerts

A Diary

Elaine Blair

On Lucia Berlin

On Sally Rooney

On Oyinkan Braithwaite

On Sylvia Townsend Warner

Robert Block

On Chasing New Horizons (by Alan Stern)

On Chasing New Horizons, an update

On Jessica Stern’s Karadzic

Mark Bourrie

Local News One Farmer at a Time, The Rise of George McCullagh

Peter Brooks

On Sally Rooney, Philosophy and the Boudoir

The lost manuscripts of Proust

On Alex Ross’s “Wagnerism”

What is a libertine?

Amina Cain

On Solitude

Allen Callahan

On Karen Armstrong and John Barton

On the Book of Job (by Edward Greenstein)

On Henry Louis Gates’s “The Black Church”

On Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (by Scot McKnight)

On Reading the Bible While Black (by Esau McCulley)

Jorge Carrion

The World’s Most Important Libraries Aren’t the Ones You Think They Are

Christian Caryl

On Jósef Czapski

On Edward Gorey

On Jeffrey Lewis’s new Doomsday

On Colin Thubron, Vibrant Fatalist

On The Triumph of Christianity (by Bart Ehlman)

Rebecca Chace

A House Made of Books

On N. K. Jemisin

On Francine Prose’s ”The Vixen”

Rebecca Chace on Lampedusa’s Island

Rebecca Chace travels to Wyoming with Gretel Ehrlich

Sarah Chayes

On Wade Davis

On The Dawn of Everything (by David Graeber and David Wengrow)

On Amaryllis Fox

On Zephyr Teachout and Monopoly

Peter Cherches

My Crisis

Peter Cherches finds his frightening simplicity

Variations On a Theme, from Thelonious Monk and Billie Holiday

Phil Christman

Inventing the Midwest

Lucille Clifton

Lucille Clifton Remembers

Jamie Cohen

On Stewart Brand (by John Markoff)

Maryse Conde

I was a book reviewer in Paris

Anna Julia Cooper

There is no such things as “mere culture“

Learning and the hidden struggle of women

Robert Cottrell

On John McPhee

New books on Europe’s east

Caleb Crain

On Paul Kerschen

Tracy Daugherty

On Cormac McCarthy

Kathryn Davis

On Jane Eyre, Classics Illustrated No. 39

On Walking

Who Wrote the Fairy Tales

Anna DeForest

On Victoria Chang’s ”Obit”

Samuel Delany

Crisis and Experiment 

Jeff Deutsch

On Organizing Books, i.e., Ordaining the Universe

Rachel DeWoskin (with Kirun Kapur)

Alone & Remembering Poetry Class in a Time of Pandemic, with Derek Walcott

Anthony Domestico

On Sybille Bedford

On Eleanor Catton

On Louise Glück

On Lauren Oyler

On Carl Phillips

On Marilynne Robinson

On Gary Snyder

Jesse Donaldson

On Foxfire’s Appalachia (by Phil Hudgins and Jessica Phillips for Foxfire)

Hugh Eakin

Apollinaire and Picasso, Friendship in a Plague Year

On Philip Johnson (by Mark Lamster)

On Gertrude Stein's Barnstorming American Tour (by Roy Morris Jr)

On Alfred Stieglitz (by Phyllis Rose)

Lucy Ellmann

On Not Going Into Bookstores

Álvaro Enrigue

On Roberto Bolaño

On Gabriel García Márquez

On Roque Larraquy

On Juan Carlos Onetti

On José Emilio Pacheco

On Samanta Schweblin

Brian Fagan

On the last of the whalers (by Russell Fielding)

On the Pollock Fishery (by Kevin Bailey)

On Tom Seeley, Bee Detective

Olive Fellows

Letter from Pittsburgh

Carolyn Ferrell

We must trust in what is difficult

Ruth Franklin

On Susan Orlean’s “The Library Book”

Ian Frazier

On Lists

Chas Freeman

On China’s military (by M. Taylor Fravel)

Benjamin Friedman

On Deaths of Despair (by Anne Case and Angus Deaton)

Katie Gaddini

On “Nonverts” (by Stephen Bullivant)

Kim Ghattas

On Alaa Abd el-Fattah

Robert Gipe

On Chris Hamby‘s “Soul Full of Coal Dust”

Misha Glenny

On “The Bridge On the Drina” (by Ivo Andric)

On Sarah Chayes’s ”Corruption in America”

Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.

On Iman Mersal

Irena Grudzińska Gross

On the Polish national novel, Pan Tadeusz

On Europe‘s ”Ghost Citizens” (by Łukasz Krzyżanowski)

Durs Grünbein

Linguistic Devastation

John Guare

The Secret Room: On Hermione Lee’s Tom Stoppard

On Sondheim 

On Elaine Stritch (by Alexandra Jacobs)

Sue Halpern

Sue Halpern and Her Town Build a Library

Giles Harvey

On Amy Hempel

Zoë Heller

On Jean Rhys (by Miranda Seymour)

Sean Hill 

This Land Is My Land

Adam Hochschild

Unsung Heroes in Hitler’s Germany (by Mark Roseman)

Michael Idov

On John le Carré

On Ukrainian novelist Serhiy Zhadan

Christine Jacobson

On Anthony Grafton’s “Inky Fingers”

Kirun Kapur (with Rachel DeWoskin)

Alone & Remembering Poetry Class in a Time of Pandemic, with Derek Walcott

Robert Karron

On Ducks, Newburyport (by Lucy Ellmann)

On Helen Dewitt

On Robert Stone 

On “White Shadow” (by Roy Jacobson)

Jane Katch

On Mr. Rogers (by Maxwell King)

Sarah Kerr

On ”Bad Mexicans” (by Kelly Lytle Hernandez)

On Gina Apostol

On Carlos Bulosan

Andreas Kilcher

Kafka Argues with His Publishers 

Jamaica Kincaid

I was never really making a garden so much as having a conversation

The Kind of Gardener I Am Not

A Letter to Robinson Crusoe

The Walk to Robert Frost’s House

Stephen Kinzer

On the US military and climate change (by Michael T. Klare)

Adam Kirsch

Halakhah: The Rabbinic Idea of Law (by Chaim Saiman)

Ann Kjellberg

On Jonathan Franzen

On Susan Sontag

A Bookstore Grows in the Bronx

Advance Copy

Advanced Study

A Notebook on Notes

Alpha and Omega

Amazon and the Booksellers‘ Valentine

Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

The Book Fair Returns! 

The Book Givers


Book news in a time of quarantine

Book Post: Origin Story

Book Thoughts in the Age of Shutdown

Booksellers Look Ahead

Bookselling at the Crossroads

Boxed Out


DIY Books

Editing in a Perilous Year

The Facebook Files,

Freedom and Kindness


Great American Read-a-long

Happy Holidays, buy local!

Hived Mind

Holiday Book Flood

If You Give It Away



Into the Heartland

Isn’t it romantic?

Librarians to the Rescue

Local Control 

Making & Unmaking Magazines

Meet the Small Presses

Memorial, Memorials, Memory, History 


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On Adam Zagajewski

On the Road with Bookmobiles

On the Way to the Forum

One of these mornings, the chain is going to break …

Paperback Writers

Predicting for Text

The Persistent Idyll of the Second-hand Bookshop 

Reading Together, Reading Apart

Real Time 

Return of the Freestanding Book Review!

Spanish Interlude

Summer Reading

Thought Plutocrats

Two Ceremonies


The Writer of the Future

Word Workers

Writing in the Crosshairs

Writing, and Journalism

Year-end Book Lists, The Way We Read Now

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Michael Klein

On Kathryn Scanlan at the racetrack

Lorraine Kreahling

On Balzac

Alexandra Lange

On Disneyland (by Richard Snow)

David Leavitt

On Andrew Holleran

A Small Genre (The Lisbon Novel)

Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

The Original Queens of Stand-Up (by Shawn Levy)

Alain Locke

Art or Propaganda?

Edward Lucas

On Ian Kershaw’s Europe

Jean McGarry

On Natalia Ginzburg

A Girls’ Education

How to Write About Food

On Dr. Johnson

James Joyce’s Christmas Feasting

Jeff Madrick

On American Jobs (by David Blanchflower)

On the Subminimum Wage (by Saru Jayaraman)

John Maher

Pandemic Book Sales, What Really Happened?

J. S. Marcus

On Robert Walser (by Susan Bernofsky)

Wyatt Mason

On Garth Greenwell

On Bohumil Hrabal’s “All My Cats”

On László Krasznahorkai

On William T. Vollmann

Glyn Maxwell

Dark Canadee, an imagined workshop in a real lockdown

On Edward Lear

Edward Mendelson

On Hugh Eakin’s ”Picasso‘s War”

On the History of Protestantism (by Alec Ryrie)

On “The Last Englishmen” (by Deborah Baker)

On Typography (by Paul Luna)

Lincoln Michel

On Caleb Crain

Ange Mlinko

On an Eliot Centenary

On John Berryman

Poets Translating (On Simon Armitage and others)

Ray Monk

On newly published private diaries of Ludwig Wittgenstein

John Moran

Reading Florida, Finding Flannery

Priyamvada Natarajan

On Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

On Martin Rees, Futurist

On Ainissa Ramirez and Modern-Day Alchemy

Judith Newman

On Craig Brown’s “Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret”

Geoffrey O’Brien

Arabian Nights of 1934

On Marvin Gaye 

Paris—Dream of book lovers

On Raymond Queneau’s The Blue Flowers

Meghan O’Gieblyn

On Barbara Kingsolver’s “Unsheltered”

On Writing the Midwest

Eugene Ostashevsky

On Yevgenia Belorusets

Tim Parks

Thinking about Thinking

James W. C. Pennington

What Shall We Do with the White People? (1860)

Alex Pheby

The death of James Joyce, as seen by his daughter Lucia (Northampton, 1941)

Padgett Powell

Eff the Classics 

On Donald Barthelme

On Peter Taylor

On William Trevor

On William Trevor, a postscript

On Ivan Turgenev

Charles Willeford, Known Pulpist

Francine Prose

On David Leavitt

Stephen Pyne

A Personal History of Fire

On the National Parks (by Gary Machlis and Michael Soukup)

Erik Reece

On Rachel Carson

Spencer Reece

Reading Hopkins

On Aaron Shulman’s ”The Age of Disenchantments”

Elliot Reed

On Shane Bauer’s “American Prison”

On Rachel Kushner’s “The Mars Room”

Michael Robbins

On Allen Ginsberg

On Paul Muldoon

Proust and the Grateful Dead

Luis Rodriguez

A Writer‘s Journey

Abby Rosebrock

Playwriting as Labor and Literature

Charles Rosen

The Performer as Critic

Alex Ross

On John Luther Adams

Ingrid Rowland

A Journey to Ravenna! (by Judith Herrin)

On “The Merits of Women” (by Virginia Cox)

Sumana Roy

Forest Education 

Exhaust Pipe

Eric Schlosser

On Serhii Plokhy, A history of nuclear disaster

Anakana Schofield

Midway On Two Journeys (On Deborah Levy and Oliver Sacks)

On Jorge Carrión’s “Bookshops: A Reader’s History”

On Jenny Diski

On Vivian Gornick

On Xiaolu Guo

On Fleur Jaeggy

The Nun of Kenmare

On the Secret Life of Cows (by Rosamond Young)

On Rosemary Tonks

On Two Books About Animals (by Susan Orlean and Thalia Field)

Madeleine Schwartz

On Letitia Elizabeth Landon (by Lucasta Miller)

Brandon Shimoda

A House that No Longer Exists

Charles Simic

What is a prose poem?

Mona Simpson

On Lewis Hyde

Middlemarch, An Invitation

Orville Schell

On Simon Leys (by Philippe Paquet)

Hagith Sivan

How old is the Hebrew Bible? (by Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten)

Women and the Religion of Ancient Israel (by Susan Ackerman)

Katy Simpson Smith

On the wartime letters of General and Mrs. Grant

A. L. Snijders

A. L. Snijders in the country (Translated by Lydia Davis)

Octavio Solis

Saturdays in Juárez

Christopher Sorrentino

A Writer’s Childhood

George R. Stewart

Life of a Storm

Patricia Storace

Asparagus and the Culinary Saint

At Table with Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy 

Christmas ghosts and a treat with chestnuts

A Christmas present

Clever Grethel’s Roast Chicken

The Greatest Food Writer

Idella’s Crisp Biscuits, a Florida recipe

My Dinner With Ismail

James Stotts

On the Adventures of Maqroll (by Álvaro Mutis)

John Terborgh

On the Insect Apocalypse (by Dave Goulson)

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

The Politics of Translation

Colin Thubron

On Süleyman the Magnificent (by Christopher de Bellaigue and Kaya Şahin)

Karim Tiro

On “Plymouth Colony”

Isabella Tree

On Dan Flores’ “Wild New World”

Victoria Uren

On Ge Fei’s “Peach Blossom Paradise”

On the “Lin Lan” Chinese fairy tales

Anne Waldman

Bard Kinetic

Marina Warner

On “Accidental Gods” (by Anna Della Subin)

On Margaret Atwood

Living in Latin

Quarantine Diary

Viva la Befana!

Rosanna Warren

On “Letters to Camondo” (by Edmund de Waal)

Joshua Whitehead

Writing as Relation and Rupture

Joy Williams

On Mário de Andrade

On J. M. Coetzee

On Meister Eckhart (by Joel Harrington)

On Richard Flanagan

On Jim Gauer

On Merrill Gilfillan

On Fernando Pessoa, et al.

On Richard Powers’ “The Overstory”

On W. G. Sebald (by Carole Angier)

On Vladimir Sorokin

On Colm Toíbín

On “The Uninhabitable Earth” (by David Wallace-Wells)

Tobias Wolff

On Harry Crews’ “A Childhood: The Biography of a Place”

Carter G. Woodson


Mark Wunderlich

The National Book Award for Poetry

Renee Xia

On the Plight of the Uyghurs (by Sean R. Roberts)

Cynthia Zarin

On John Burningham

On Elena Ferrante

A Fin Passing Far Out

Love Trouble (Shirley Hazzard and Laurie Colwin)

On Colm Toibin’s “The Empty Family”